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Do you help make smart, informed decisions? If you answered yes, you are making diligent decisions and can gain many benefits from Membership.

Are you with a small, medium or large organization? If you answered yes, you know that all organizations, of all sizes, use and participate in due diligence every day and can benefit from Organization Membership.

We invite you and your organization to join the International Due Diligence Association, the professional association for all who are committed to making better decisions with better due diligence.

Membership Benefits
  • Certification Education and Credentials, available only to Members
  • Discounts on programs and services
  • Educational materials and resources available only through the Association
  • Recognition as an official member in the only professional due diligence organization for the industry and discipline of due diligence
  • IDDA Membership Logo for your website and print materials
  • IDDA Membership Card
  • Recognition of Professional Status and Credibility
  • Registration in the Due Diligence Registry
  • Due Diligence Articles
  • Due Diligence Tools and Spreadsheets
  • Help with Due Diligence Projects
  • Answers to Due Diligence Questions
  • Jobs in the Due Diligence Industry
  • Consulting Opportunities
  • Access to Worldwide Due Diligence Expertise
  • Knowledge of the Latest Advances in Due Diligence

Participation in:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Symposia
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Discount Programs
  • Annual and Special Surveys of Major Developments in Due Diligence
  • Association Publications and News
  • Professional Training Courses
  • Continuing Education
  • Notices of Important Activities, Events and Regulations
  • Member Publication Programs, for your Books, Articles and Papers

Organization Membership includes one Professional Membership. Additional Professional Memberships are available at the reduced rate of $48.

Please select your Membership, download, complete, and email the Membership Application to Upon approval, you will receive the credit card payment link via email, or you can mail a check, or you can ask us for wiring instructions.

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Download the 2017 Membership Application

Additional Services are Available at Low-Cost for Individuals:

  • Assessment of Your Personal Career Plan
  • Assessment of your Resume, Including Recommendations for Improvement
  • Review of Your Online Presence

Additional Services are Available at Low-Cost for Organizations:

  • High-Quality Assessment of Your Current Organization Due Diligence Systems and Practices, including Recommendations for Improvement
  • Assessment of Your Organization Business Plan
  • Assessment of Your Organization Website
  • Assessment of Your Organization Online Presence
  • Help with Building and Managing Due Diligence Departments
  • Marketing and Referral Programs, to help Market your Due Diligence Services