Get Involved

Join a Committee
Opportunities for Volunteers

  • Work toward common goals with other professionals in the due diligence field
  • Get opportunities to use your skills
  • Be respected and appreciated by other due diligence professionals
  • Improve your country’s regulations and regulatory bodies
  • Connect with the Association’s mission, purpose, or goals
  • Create public awareness of due diligence
  • Help your country’s legislature with better laws
  • Give back to your professional field
  • Educate people about due diligence
  • If you know members of the media, you can help
  • If you know officials local or national government, you can help
  • If you know executives, Board members, stockholders or managers of local, national or international businesses, you can help

Business Leaders, You Can Help Our Volunteers

  • Organize an event recognizing our volunteers in your industry or community
  • Provide meeting rooms and work rooms
  • Add a special section to an existing program to recognize volunteers
  • You can have Certificates of Appreciation for our volunteers printed with your firm’s name
  • Donate gifts for volunteers
  • Provide computer equipment
  • Sponsor a volunteer recognition event
  • Sponsor gifts that can be awarded to volunteers