Due Diligence Standards

Due Diligence Standards

Standards are tools to continually improve the quality, consistency, effectiveness and efficiency of services, products and programs. Producing higher economic growth than patents and licenses, standards benefit organizations significantly at both the short and long term strategic level, with advantages in competitive position, agility, innovation, and profitability. Standards are a critical part of any successful business. Standards are around us everywhere: numbers. weights, measurements, money, cellular phones, nuts & bolts, telephones, world trade, language, etc. Companies certified to standards have returns on assets 20-50% higher, spend less time on regulatory compliance, and out-perform the stock markets by almost 2-to-1 over non-certified companies.

Due Diligence Standards are precise, optimum and practical policies and procedures emphasizing core principles rather than checklists and facts, and are the first formal standards for due diligence. The Standards contain the set of minimum requirements for effective due diligence, including system requirements suitable for evaluation, certification and verification. Due Diligence Standards prescribe the necessary steps essential in performing and reporting the results of due diligence, including the following:

  • The minimum criteria to be evaluated for effective due diligence
  • Methods of rating the associated risks
  • Content requirements for reporting the conclusions of due diligence with recommendations

Due Diligence Standards provide organizations with important advantages. Benefits to utilizing the standardized approach to due diligence include the following:

  • Reduces risk
  • Increases confidence
  • Enhances the image of organizations that adopt due diligence standards
  • Forms an integral part of a organization’s management and decision-making systems
  • Provides regular independent assessment of due diligence processes and systems
  • Can be recommended to suppliers as part of an organization’s due diligence support

Due Diligence Standards

  • Standard Due Diligence Processes, Due Diligence Standard 101.0 is the foundation due diligence standard. The Standard specifies the minimum requirements for modern due diligence processes, especially for organizations and decision makers to have a precise system of making accurate decisions. Standard Due Diligence Processes, Due Diligence Standard 101.0 is included in the Certified Due Diligence Practitioner (CDDP) Course. The Standard may be purchased separately for those not pursuing the CDDP. The 4th Edition of Standard Due Diligence Processes, Due Diligence Standard 101.0 was in editing until December 2016 and is now published. Click here for the Table of Contents. The Standard may be ordered here at the regular publication price of $90.00.
  • The following Standards are scheduled for publication 2017. The purchase prices will be $90, and may be ordered at the pre-publication prices of $70 until February 28, 2017.
  • Strategic Planning, Due Diligence Standard 110.0
  • Due Diligence Organization/Subsidiary/Department, Due Diligence Standard 120.0

New Standards are scheduled for publication October-December 2016 in the following areas. Click here to tell us which areas you would most like to see Standards.

  • Accounting
  • Board of Directors
  • Brand
  • Communications
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Structures
  • Culture
  • Customers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Escheatment/Unclaimed Property
  • Exit Planning
  • Finance
  • Human Capital
  • Information Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property
  • International
  • Investment
  • Legal
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Networking
  • New Products
  • Operations
  • Partnering & Alliances
  • Planning
  • Products/Services
  • Quality
  • Real Estate
  • Regulatory
  • Research & Development
  • Risk
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Social Media
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Value Chain
  • Vendors

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