Due Diligence Certifications

Due Diligence Certifications are issued by the International Due Diligence Association, the only non-profit membership association serving the worldwide due diligence industry. Due Diligence Certifications are granted by satisfying requirements of relevant experience and training; completing rigorous courses and examinations on due diligence knowledge, performance, proficiency and comprehension; and committing to high standards of due diligence ethics and practices.

Certification helps practitioners with professional and personal benefits:

  • Increase brand and reputation
  • Increase respect and esteem with management, colleagues, and peers
  • Increase salary and consultancy rates
  • Be at the leading edge of the due diligence discipline
  • Be recognized for advanced professional capabilities, new knowledge, new expertise
  • Due Diligence Certification also provides safeguards for employers and clients from untrained individuals and organizations.

Formatted as a series of online course lessons, the Certification Courses are the required learning tools for professionals who are studying for Due Diligence Certifications. Courses are also designed to be retained and used as valuable reference tools for due diligence professionals. The Courses are flexible to accommodate busy professionals, and can be completed anytime within 12-24 months of enrollment. The Due Diligence Certification Courses:

  • Explain the Certification Examinations process
  • Provides help to prepare for the examinations
  • Includes samples of typical exam questions and correct answers, in the style and format of actual exams
  • Shows the rationale behind the questions and correct answers
  • Helps you reduce anxiety
  • Includes self-study exercises

The Certified Due Diligence Examinations objectively measure the critical knowledge and abilities needed by due diligence students, with uniform standards for measuring such knowledge and abilities. The coverage and the passing scores for each examination are set at levels to ensure that candidates possess at least the minimum knowledge and abilities necessary to professionally understand how to perform due diligence activities. The objectives of all Certified Due Diligence Examinations include:

  • building credibility of the direct benefits achieved through due diligence,
  • increasing the success of due diligence practitioner’s employers or their clients, and by increasing the knowledge of due diligence among their team members, their management, and their employers or their clients.

The Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Program

Certification Program Code: IDDA.CDDP.3.0
Course Length: Twelve to Twenty Four Months
CDDP Course and Examination: $500.00, $450*, $400*, $350*
(*Reduced rates are available if you live and work in certain countries. See below)

The Certified Due Diligence Practitioner (CDDP) certification is the gold standard for due diligence certifications, and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated their understanding of the basics of due diligence, and who have demonstrated proficiency in due diligence projects, programs and/or portfolios, either within their organization(s) where employed, or for their client organizations. The CDDP is designed for those who currently work in one or more of the due diligence industries. The CDDP Certification Course teaches:

  • History of due diligence
  • Evolution of 20th and 21st century due diligence
  • Techniques, components and processes of professional due diligence systems
  • Practical tools and applications of due diligence
  • Due diligence report writing
  • Due diligence project management
  • Sources of due diligence information
  • Types of due diligence
  • Legal aspects of performing due diligence
  • Effective due diligence discovery techniques
  • Effective due diligence interviewing techniques
  • Communicating the results of due diligence to the wide variety of audiences, such as the public, Boards of Directors, regulators, investors, C-level executives, etc.
  • Regulatory environment for due diligence
  • Non-mathematical introduction to the theoretical foundations of Due Diligence Science™ and due diligence engineering
  • Due diligence ethics
  • Due diligence professionalism

The Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Course includes the course handbook, Modern Due Diligence. Modern Due Diligence is widely used as the major reference for due diligence practitioners worldwide. The 3rd Edition of Modern Due Diligence is currently in editing, and due to be published 3Q 2017. Modern Due Diligence, 3rd Edition may be purchased separately for those not pursuing one of the Due Diligence Certifications. The purchase price when published will be $250. The Modern Due Diligence Handbook, Third Edition may be ordered here at the pre-publication price of $200.

The Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Course also includes due diligence standard, Due Diligence Standard 101.0. This is the foundation due diligence standard, which specifies the minimum requirements for modern due diligence processes where an organization or entity has identified the need to have a precise system of making accurate decisions. The Due Diligence Standard 101.0 4th Edition may be purchased separately for those not pursuing one of the Due Diligence Certifications and is available separately at the purchase price of $90.

Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Course and Examination Details

  • All sections of the Course and Examination are administered in English.
  • Certification eligibility is completely impartial and nondiscriminatory.
  • All materials submitted are maintained on file and retained by the Association. Students should make copies of all materials prior to submission.
  • The Course and Examination are delivered online through the web.
  • All Examination scores are kept confidential.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for processing Applications. Applications and Examinations processing can be slowed by:

  • Incomplete forms
  • Illegible forms
  • Incomplete supporting documentation of experience, training or education
  • Incomplete verification of credentials

Invoices are available on request.

The Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Course is available to current Members of the International Due Diligence Association. To process your application for the Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Course, please click this link.

The price for the Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Course and Examination is $500. Reduced rates are available for the Course and Examination if you live and work in countries designated by the World Bank as:

  • Upper Middle Income Countries: $450
  • Lower Middle Income Countries: $400
  • Low Income Countries: $350

You can confirm your country on the current World Bank List of Economies here

Additional Due Diligence Certifications will be offered in 2018, including:

  • Certified Due Diligence Management Professional. The Due Diligence Certification for managers of due diligence teams, departments, divisions and subsidiaries.
  • Certified Due Diligence Associate. The Due Diligence Certification for understanding the fundamentals of due diligence.

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