Late-Breaking News:

The New IDDA The Association is significantly changing and expanding to best serve our Members and to continue leading the due diligence industry worldwide. New announcements include:

  • New: Diligence Digest Publication
  • New: Diligence Marketplace Service, 4q17
  • New: Due Diligence Standards, 4q17
  • New: First Services Standard, 4q17
  • New: IDDA Team: Job Search: IDDA Executive Director
  • New: Membership System, 3q17
  • New: Due Diligence Tools, 4q17
  • New: Diligence Ratings™ Service, 4q17
  • New: What is Your Due Diligence Score?, 3q17
  • New: Diligence Outsource™ Service, 4q17

The Certified Due Diligence Practitioner Course has been extensively updated, and the cost has been reduced from $1,500 all the way down to $500! And we also established even more reduced costs based on the World Bank country classifications: Upper middle income $450, Lower middle income $400 and Low income $350.

The IDDA Memberships costs have also been reduced, with Professional Membership now only $60, and Associate Membership now only $30.

International Due Diligence Association

The International Due Diligence Association is the only non-profit membership association serving the worldwide due diligence industry, leading the world in harnessing the power of due diligence.

The Association is the backbone of the due diligence industry, bringing the best of due diligence knowledge and practical and comprehensive due diligence training and education to our Members.

International Due Diligence Association is a unique organization, with a mission that includes advancing the success of all decision makers and all organizations, including business, professional, non-profit, academic, government and non-government organizations.

Dedicated to advancing the due diligence profession, the International Due Diligence Association serves its Members and the due diligence industry with professional due diligence certification, due diligence training & education, due diligence publications & tools, due diligence seminars & conferences, and due diligence career and consulting resources.

The Association produces and publishes due diligence standards, best practices, guidelines, books, journals, magazines, articles, and other works, in the topical areas of due diligence systems, due diligence processes, due diligence services, due diligence products, and the Science of Due Diligence™.

Graduates of the Due Diligence Certification Programs receive the finest available education in due diligence and have successfully qualified for Certification by completing the required curricula and attaining above average grades in the rigorous examinations.

We invite you and your organization to join the International Due Diligence Association, the worldwide association for all who are committed to making better decisions with better due diligence.